Social Network Analytics

With all the new technologies of social media, including web-based and mobile technologies, people are turning communication into interactive dialogue. Companies are recognizing that in order to stay ahead of the game they need the ability to turn these communications and relationships into usable business data.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is an emergent way of mapping relationships and links, tracking people, groups, organizations, or other information/knowledge entities. SNA provides service providers the ability to better understand their customers. By using business data, you can learn about the links between your customers and just as importantly, which customers have a strong social influence. This influential insight can be used as a powerful predictive marketing tool to determine market & sales trends, recommendation engines, e-Commerce offers, mobile advertising, customer retention campaigns, etc. It allows businesses to determine the “next best offer” and meet their business objectives, which center on competitive advantage, cost savings, and greater revenues.

Sybase IQ Social Network Analytics Partners:

  • KXEN is revolutionizing the way companies use predictive analytics to make better decisions. Based on patented innovations, the company's flagship product InfiniteInsight™ delivers orders of magnitude improvements in speed and agility to optimize every step in the customer lifecycle - including acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, retention and next best activity. 
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