Solix Technologies is a leading provider of Enterprise Application Retirement solutions, helping businesses improve application performance, reduce storage costs, meet compliance and data privacy and Information Lifecycle Management(ILM) goals and Data Governance strategies.

Solix Technologies provides two application retirement solutions, Solix EDMS Application Retirement, and Solix ExAPPS – the industry's first Application Retirement Appliance. Solix EDMS Application Retirement is enterprise software that can be installed on-premise and Solix ExAPPS is a purpose-built appliance for application retirement.

Solix EDMS Application Retirement is integrated and certified with Sybase IQ. This integration allows customers to use Solix EDMS along with Sybase IQ as a long term archive so that customers can get an end-2-end application retirement solution.

Solix ExAPPS embeds Sybase IQ delivering a pre-configured, pre-tested, and certified appliance for application retirement so that customers can get a jump start with application portfolio management projects.


  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Immediate Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Ease to use, deploy and manage
  • Patented Data Compression from Sybase IQ
  • Ensure compliance for data stored in long term archive
  • Solix ExAPPS ease-of-use, simple deployment and management provides lower total cost of ownership and immediate return on investment where enterprises can see significant cost reduction or elimination for hardware, storage, software maintenance, power, and IT resources

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