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Adaptive Server Enterprise for Linux

ASE takes performance to new levels for the demanding requirements of transaction-intensive, mission-critical OLTP and decision support applications on Linux.


Case Studies

Metropolitan Health Group
When MHG learned that its legacy system was being discontinued, they quickly migrated all of their legacy applications and client information over to ASE on Linux, experiencing low TCO and DBA support requirements.

With tens of thousands of users hitting their system at any given moment, they need to ensure that there is a very positive user experience. The combination of Sybase ASE and Replication Server is key to their ability to deliver that kind of experience on a continuous basis.

Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) migrates to Linux
Learn how UIA gained improvement in performance of 400% on average in processing speed by turning to Sybase ASE 15 and Sybase Professional Services, running on IBM’s Blade technology and Linux operating system.

Manitoba Liquor Control Commission migrates to ASE 15
Learn how this Linux customer easily migrated to ASE 15 with the help of Sybase Professional Services.

Addison Lee manages explosive growth with ASE on Linux
Working with Sybase, Addison Lee architected a system that provides robust 24/7 availability, unparalleled customer service and is fully integrated across all operations functions.

Manitoba Family Services & Housing
In need of a solution to manage welfare case information via secure internet connections, MFSH migrated to ASE for Linux and improved case worker responsiveness by witnessing performance gains of 700-1000%.

Learn how this customer increased performance 10x and decreased costs by 37% by migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to Sybase ASE on Linux.



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