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PowerBuilder 12.5 eTutorial Series


This series of in-depth eTutorials contains 3 main sections with hours of presentation and video demonstrations on PowerBuilder 12.5 by PowerBuilder expert, Yakov Werde.

  • Section 1: Tools and Code -- Yakov will help you develop an enterprise developer mindset and IDE fluency when coding PowerScript in the VS .NET IDE
  • Section 2: Cloud services and REST -- You’ll learn the basics of accessing RESTful services using the WCF API in PB .NET
  • Section 3: WPF -- Yakov will spare no effort in getting you familiar with core XAML and take you far enough along so you can begin to develop the mind set of a WPF developer and a working appreciation for what XAML is and what WPF can do.

PowerBuilder 12.5 eTutorial Series

eTutorial Details:

Section 1: Since you know a lot about IDEs and PB coding, Yakov will to take a Fast Break approach and get you going ‘down field’ quickly so you can get you hands into real coding right away. In the presentations you’ll watch him do a series of demos in which he'll touch on many Visual Studio IDE features as he builds a multi-target solution. He'll model things in a ‘follow-along and Try-It with me manner’

Section 2: Since the Cloud is a rapidly evolving as medium of choice for hosting remote services. Yakov takes a ‘get right down to coding' presentation approach. He’ll introduce SOA with REST and after a very few slides, show you, through a series of videos, how to use the tools, editors and language to interface a PowerBuilder client application to Cloud based services.

Section 3: Since WPF is a new technology for most Classic developers, in the WPF JumpStart, Yakov spend a lot of time and effort providing you with details and examples so you can up to speed quickly. In a series of sub-sections, each a complete stand-alone presentation, you will learn WPF Overview/Positioning, XAML syntax, Layouts, DataBinding, Styles, Control Templates, and Resource Dictionaries

For developers wanting a more in-depth hands-on experience, eLearnIT offers for purchase through the tutorial player, an extensive set of lab exercises designed to provide plenty of .NET skill building activities in which you'll build an enterprise scale multi-tiered WPF/WCF distributed application.

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