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SAP Sybase IQ

SAP Sybase IQ is a highly optimized analytics server designed specifically to deliver superior performance for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware and operating system.


Licensing Options for Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition and Options:

  • CPU License Model:  With the CPU License Model, the entire machine is licensed for internal and external users regardless of the number of processors on which the software is installed or running.  All cores/processors on the machine must be licensed. 
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one CP, DT or SF License for each physical processor/core on the machine.   
    • Examples:
      • Single-core machine example: To license 2 single-core machines with 4 single-core processor CPU's, 8 CP licenses must be purchased (2 machines x 4 cores each).
      • Multi-core machine example: To license 2 multi-core machines with 4 dual-core processor CPU's, 16 CP licenses must be purchased (2 machines x 8 cores each).
    • Multi-core Pricing - Scaling Coefficient:  Sybase now offers a pricing scaling coefficient on Multi-core machines for specific products.  For multi-core eligible license types and machines, the List Price is determined by applying the Multi-core Scaling Coefficient to the License and Support price.  For detailed information, go to the Help Topic Multi-core Scaling Coefficient.
    • Notes:
      • For Pre-IQ 15.x Migration information, please contact your Sales Rep or call Sybase Customer Service at 1-800-8SYBASE.
      • The license type and quantity of Cores for the Advanced Security Option and Large Objects Management Option must match the license type and number of Cores as for the Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition.
      • The Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition Multiplex Grid Option is licensed on a per secondary node basis (the first standalone node is included in the Base Server). For example:  If the Base Server has 4-cores and a secondary node two has 8-cores, you only need to purchase one Server License (SR) for the Multiplex Option for the secondary node.
      • The Sybase IQ Very Large Database Management Option is licensed on a Storage License basis per terabyte of data stored in Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition. 

Licensing Options for Sybase IQ Small Business Edition (SBE):

  • Chip License Model:  The Chip License Model licenses the entire machine for internal and external users.  
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one CH, DH or SH License for each CHIP on the machine.   
    • Examples:
      • Single-chip machine example: To license 1 single chip machine with 2 single-core processor Chips, 1 CH license must be purchased (1 machine x 1 CHIP).
      • Multi-chip machine example: To license 1 multi-core machine with 2 dual-core processor CHIPS, 2 CH licenses must be purchased (1 machine x 2 CHIPs).
    • Notes: 
      • Sybase IQ Small Business Edition is limited to machines with a maximum configuration of 2 chips and 4 cores on a server machine.  If you require more than 4 cores in the machine, you must license Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition.
      • The Sybase IQ Small Business Edition permits up to 25 concurrent IP user connections including connections for monitoring other software.  You must convert to Sybase IQ Enterprise Edition if you go beyond this limit.

For more information on Sybase License Models or License Types, go to Sybase License Info or License Definitions.

For more information on Sybase IQ product-specific terms, go to Product Specific License Terms



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