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PowerDesigner 15


Modeling for Enterprise Architecture

PowerDesigner 15 is the only modeling tool that supports Enterprise Architecture from business goals through implementation using unique Link and Sync technology. This allows you to remove silos, increase alignment and improve business agility to respond to changes in economics, technology, competition and regulations.

PowerDesigner 15 automatically and intuitively captures the intersections between all architectural layers and perspectives of the enterprise, allowing users from all groups to clearly visualize and effectively implement fast, reliable and predictable change. This helps you achieve:

  • Business agility
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Regulatory compliance 

PowerDesigner 15

PowerDesigner 15 includes the following new features available in multiple models:


  • User profiles help you standardize the look and feel of your models and support standards across your organization.
  • Dependency Matrices (available in all modules) help you visualize and edit links between any kinds of objects, even if they are in different kinds of models.
  • Customizable Display Preferences allow you to customize the display preferences for extended objects and the objects of the new Enterprise Architecture Model (EAM). You can display any of their attributes or collections in any order you require.


  • Business Modeling - Business Process Modeling with links to simulation with BPMN support
  • Data Modeling - Multi-level Conceptual, Logical, Physical and Warehouse Data Modeling with support for modern techniques like Java, XML and Web services in the database, with IE and IDEF1/x notation
  • XML Modeling - A unique physical paradigm supports XML DTD and Schema artifacts
  • Object Modeling - Highly extendable UML 1.x and 2.0 modeling
  • ETL, EII and Replication Modeling - Document all stages of data movement for any implementation strategy
  • Enterprise Modeling - Comprehensive Link and Synch technology for ultimate metadata management and complete project- and enterprise-wide impact analysis


  • Team Solution - Enable multiple modelers to work on the same model at the same time
  • Metadata Management - Store, manage and version PowerDesigner models and all other documents in a single location
  • Cross-model Impact Analysis - Store and maintain cross-model dependencies for complete impact analysis across the enterprise
  • Software Asset Management - Find and reuse objects across all models and projects
  • Secure - Role-based security with logging capabilities and comprehensive permissions that limit access and visibility to models and sub-models
  • Open – RDBMS-hosted tables fully documented for SQL-based reporting


  • Projects provide a convenient environment for working with multiple interconnected models and other files.
  • Project templates can contain pre-defined models, content, rules and formatting for reuse. Project templates are used to support enterprise architecture and other frameworks that require a certain combination of models. Starting from an appropriate template helps you get started quickly with standards-based development.
  • Framework matrices help you direct your modeling process by providing a grid in which each cell must be completed according to a set of predefined actions. PowerDesigner provides a pre-defined framework matrix for the FEAF framework, and the easy-to-use framework editing environment allows you to create and customize your own.


  • Process Execution - BPMN, ebXML, BPEL4WS, Service Oriented Architecture support
  • RDBMS - Full roundtrip engineering for nearly 60 RDBMS, including the latest Oracle, IBM DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, NCR Teradata and many more
  • Object Languages - Full roundtrip engineering for Java J2EE, C#, VB.NET, PowerBuilder, XML, C++, Web Services and more
  • Integration with Development – Eclipse, PowerBuilder and Visual Studio plug-ins with model-to-code synchronization


  • Unique Link & Synch technology creates stronger alignment between business and IT
  • Achieve greater business agility through IT systems with impact analysis and change management
  • Easily and accurately visualize, document and report on impact before changes are made to production
  • Visually depict an Enterprise Architecture with the new Enterprise Architect model
  • Easily visualize impact and lineage dependencies using Impact Analysis Diagram
  • Highly customizable support for homemade or industry standard (DoDaf, Zachman) EA frameworks
  • Share EA metadata with all stakeholders independent of technical abilities with Repository Web Viewer
  • Service Oriented Architecture – Service orchestration at business and technical levels
  • Requirements management provides detailed analysis linking all models for traceability. Import and synchronization with MS Word places the business users directly into the analysis and design lifecycle


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