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Civilian Agencies
Comprehensive information management, data integration and development solutions, coupled with an innovative mobility platform, enable civilian agencies to increase productivity, regardless of network availability. Modular solutions are based on open standards that work with agency software platforms. For example:

  • An online procurement system links more than 120,000 government buyers to 4,000-plus suppliers of nearly 1.5 million products and services—significantly increasing GSA efficiency.
  • DOT and other government and private sector researchers reach new insights through fast access and detailed analysis of more than 100 transportation-related databases.

Intelligence Agencies
Sybase technology drives highly reliable, secure applications involving data movement, data storage and amalgamation, cross-domain access and integration. Because of their sensitive nature, application details can be presented only to authorized government intelligence agency representatives.

Department of Defense
Flexible, responsive and secure solutions deliver intelligence when and where it’s needed—at the Pentagon, on a carrier deck or in a U.S. command post on foreign soil—supporting rapid, ongoing analysis of complicated operational environments. Sybase-developed solutions include:

  • A worldwide procurement system for the DoD that delivers timely and cost-effective program communications directly to desktop users
  • A mobile personnel application for the U.S. Navy that authorizes crewmembers and visitors to board or disembark vessels in the fleet

Homeland Security
Federal, state and local governments have reprioritized their IT initiatives to support emergency responders and defend against threats. Using Sybase solutions, agencies share data between sites, staff and each other—giving every stakeholder access to the real-time information they need to take appropriate action. Examples include:

  • Mobile access to building blueprints, geospatial data and criminal profiles for first responders
  • Remote access to photos, documentation and other vital statistics for field investigators
  • Onsite data collection for inspection of commercial structures, bridges, roads, military equipment, power lines and the nation’s food supply
  • Information access at checkpoints that inspect of people, vehicles, packages and other items
  • Smartcard identification and tracking of visitors at secure locations
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